Monday, December 10, 2007

US diocese splits from Episcopal church over gay issue

The US Diocese of San Joaquin, California has decided to split from the Episcopal Church over the issue of homosexuality.It will become a diocese in the Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America.This has been reported across the globe. Yet it is worth keeping this in perspective. This diocese has a mere 8,800 members. That's not quite three times bigger than my deanery, which is just one of 29 deaneries in our Diocese of Oxford, England. And I don't imagine all the members of the Diocese of San Joaquin will feel the same way either. These are small numbers of deeply conservative communities.

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Anonymous said...

David, perhaps I could point out some concerns with your comments. First, the Diocese of San Joaquin has NOT split over the gay issue, but over the continued liberalism of the Episcopal Church to the extent that many Bishops no longer believe the Creed, or the Saving Action of Christ, or the Divine Sonship of Christ. The gay issue is only the tip of the iceburg. You have done the Diocese an injustice. I suggest you read their actual words.
Second, your comparision is simplistic. Many dioceses in the Episcopal Church, as in the Anglican Church of Canada, are smaller. There are 4 more dioceses that will leave the Episcopal Church in 2008 --- this is just the first one.
Third, instead of your pointless comments, try understanding the frustration of those Episcopalians (who really do believe the Creed, and practise the Faith) with the hierarchy of the church which doesn't, and are not trying to work with those who do.
Fourth, please listen to the actual concerns of the "conservatives". They don't want to split --- listen to what they actually are saying, instead of suggesting they are leaving over the gay issue. It is easy to "knock down straw horses".