Monday, September 26, 2016

Creation Time Day 25

Creation Time Day 25
The earliest recorded winter snowfall in London was on this day 25th of September in 1885. Snow is undoubtedly one of the most wondrous phenomena of nature. Children in areas of the world where it occurs infrequently are especially excited by it. Yet people of all ages enjoy leisure and sport in snow and the skiing holiday is popular in prosperous societies with access to snow-covered mountains.

For some communities in the higher continental latitudes of the northern hemisphere or mountain communities ground snow cover is a normal aspect of winter every year and life adapts accordingly.

 In the United Kingdom there are only 15.6 days a year on average when snow is covering the ground , 26.2 in Scotland. There is also considerable variability between years as to how much snow falls. The snowiest winters in the 21st century to date in the United Kingdom have been 2009 - 2010 and 2010 -2011. This photograph is of a snowy day in southern England in January 2010.

The infrequent and relatively random distribution of snowy days in the annual seasonal cycle have given rise to the phenomenon of the "snow day" in climates such as that of Britain. Traffic grinds to a halt, and schools and offices are closed because staff are unable to commute in. On snow days neighbours and communities which do not normally communicate very much pull together to assist those who are more vulnerable such as the elderly. Local heroes are identified and praised for their efforts  to go the extra mile to help others. Meanwhile local government agencies are evaluated sometimes severely for their readiness or otherwise.

Street - corner and office coffee-time conversations assess the relative merits of the extra light levels and beauty of snow cover as compared with the inconvenience of travel and the impact on heating costs. Invariably all children are delighted when a snow day occurs.

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