Thursday, September 08, 2016

Creation Time Day 8

I've chosen this eye-catching image from the Cornish coast because, without resorting to a video clip ( which not all platforms accessing this blog will support) it depicts an otherwise invisible wonder of nature, that is the wind.

Obviously in the form of hurricane or typhoon the wind isn't an element invariably welcomed by humanity however awesome it appears when viewed from a place of safety. Yet without wind and the movement of air across the globe there would be no weather and no rainfall to support life.

On hot days there is little more welcome than a gentle cooling breeze. In the Swahili language the wonderfully expressive word "peponi", literally "in the breezes", is used to mean paradise. In Christian and Jewish faith the divine reality is characterised as Spirit with reference to the wind or breath which gives and sustains life.

With the ever more pressing need to move away from burning fossil fuels in order to reduce global warming, harnessing the wind is growing as a viable alternative energy source. Since 2000 more than a quarter of new electricity generation capacity installed in Europe has been wind power.

"Like wind-- In it, with it, of it. Of it just like a sail, so light and strong that, even when it is bent flat, it gathers all the power of the wind without hampering its course."
Dag Hammerskj√∂ld (UN Secretary- General, 1953 - 1961)  - Markings.

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